WoW Buildings Sellers STL License



This license allows existing and new license holders to sell the stl files for any WoWBuildings Kickstarters that have ended by the end of 2022. if you have the license and buy a pre2022 Kickstarter after that date it is covered by this license. ALL new Kickstarters after 2022 will need to be purchased when they are live and will be covered by the license offered in that project. (at the time of writing 24/11/22 every Kickstarter produced so far is covered). this is a one-off payment with only one condition, do not sell stl’s for less than £5, if its a small piece make them into a set to keep to this lower price. This license is a bolt-on to the seller license, it does not give you the right to sell if you are not a licensed seller. (WoWBuildings will see how this license works and if not abused or mis-sold then future KS will have this attachment offered).