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What is the base scale?

all files are defaulted to 28mm scale, with a recommended range of 15 to 32mm scale, lower than 15 are achievable but resin printers are recommended for these low-end scales.

What print settings do I use?

all designs are made with the basic cura settings in mind, any test prints are done using creality ender 3’s on normal settings

Do I need supports?

although from the base upon some is probably a good idea, I go to great lengths to avoid their need, vehicles and structures are kitted down to help with this process

Do buildings have inner access?

all buildings and even vehicles have interior access, roofs are always separate prints

Do buildings have inner walls?

yes basic inner floors and walls are now included with all new designs, with an ongoing catchup process being added to older designs, this will be added to a free shared folder as they are done, where required inner wall detail is higher (open ruins)

Can I sell the files?

there is a lifetime license available to sell the prints from the files, even enabling them to be moulded and cast, but sales of the stl files are strictly forbidden

Can I edit the files?

yes, as long as you stl refer to them as based on wowbuildings designs, but wowbuildings does then not guarantee that they will print after editing

What if a file has faults?

we go to great lengths to make sure this does not happen, but on the rare occasion it does please just get in touch for an instant fix and updated file

Are these resin or filament?

the easy answer is both, basically, you choose your poison and get printing they will work with either

What happens if my print bed is too small?

all buildings and vehicles where needed are cut for 200 x 200 print beds, however the full model is in the folder too for those that want to cut bigger or smaller, this is an easy process and can be found on the how to cut page on this site

If I can’t find my question here, what do I do?

there is a list of ways to contact me on this site, use any of them for instant replies

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  • You gotta be kidding. I think you hit the top and you jump again.

    Kevin Goodrich
  • Wow buildings are a great source for top quality buildings for any tabletop as a licence holder of all the designs my customers love the massive variety of styles and themes that are brought to the table. Be they modular fantasy buildings for dnd to historical Ww2 buildings for accurate campaigns to scifi spaceships and vehicles as alternatives to other game companies. I can’t recommend enough wow buildings for any project you have coming up.

    Mike Gatehouse – Gaming UK
  • I really need these, and the hummers!

    Chris Chaplin
  • Your work is great. Can’t want to get it in the Kickstarter!

    Rob Brown
  • WoW Buildings, the name says it all! Quality STL files from WW2 thru post apocalypse to Sci-Fi. I have found all of the STL’s developed by WoW Buildings to be of the highest quality and detail. We all know it won’t always be perfect so the post-sale service is also first class. Most problems are resolved no questions asked and promptly. WoW Buildings is one of my go to STL suppliers and definitely one of the better STL design and supply companies.

    Ken Cole, Australia

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Why are we the collectors choice?

We offer our unique Buildings and Vehicles that are designed with quality and detail at the top of the list, but with this we work within our own self imposed constraints that the designs print well and don't just look good in a render. We also offer 24/7 up to the minute after-sales, so if there is an issue or you just have a question, contact us in any of the several ways we list and I personally will answer your question and fix or sort any issues you could find. You also have the rare ability to buy a full seller license and have full lifetime freedom to sell your printed results of the files

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