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Ok with this virus sweeping through the world its time for me to take the opportunity to get a long wanted project finally on the go, at the time of writing i am waiting for some new printers so things are a little slow, but we should speed up as time goes by.
so the idea in my head is a port that leads into a factory area and then into a town, initially the buildings wil be intact with damaged options later that can be swapped in or out

the rules are self inflicted as in the designs all have to be from my own range, although i am allowing myself to do custom pieces to fill gaps and enhance areas

these pictures show the initial port area, you can see the parts of the large freighter that will be docked along with the sub pen and the near view inlet area which will have a couple of small boast in it to fill the area, the ramp is one of those additional pieces i have made along with some wall sections to cover gaps

the factory area will be a heavy layout of tracks and buildings, warehouses, workshops, storage tanks, etc, i will add all of my rolling stock designs for this project.

the beauty of it is i can change my mind and adjust as i go, when i am happy i glue the base parts down, but the buildings etc i wont as i want to be able as i say to switch in and out of ruins

Ok so we are a week down the line and at the time of writing this i have ben swapping printers from PTFE tubed based ones (ender 3’s) to slightly more expensive but more reliable direct drive, double-axis printers (sovols and artillery) but i have still been printing as much as i can, rolling stock and trying to finish off the freighter.

the freighter is undersized, even at 20mm the small version would still have been a little big for the space i have allowed so it’s in between 15 and 20 scale, i might change it up in time but for now it’s just for show so its ok as it is and fits the gap nicely

nothing is set in stone just yet for the factory layout, there will be three stretches of track and buildings dotted about, i want a couple of side awnings as well for carriages and carts. also, i am thinking of doing a printed surface that i will add texture, rubble, etc to that covers the board, this will come in the form of some thin printed surface that will be easy to cut to fit where it’s needed, but with that, i would need to have imprinted bases for the buildings so that i can swap intact with destroyed when wanted, but for now its [laying with the layout until more buildings come of the printers, i want a wide range from work sheds to coal dumps and warehouses


OK guys n dolls with over two hundred entries i have decided to slightly change the way i was going to draw the winners, so i have split your names into 4 quareters (basically as you replied is how you were ordered) and i will draw two names from those quaters to give me the final eight people,

from these eight i will draw the winning three names first place hets a KS of their choice, second gets a building stl from the shop free and third a vehicle stl free, i will do the draw first thing sunday morning 9 / 5 / 2020 and list the final eight names, i will then draw the 3 winners at midday.

this draw i will run for 6 weeks now instead of the original 4, with winners names being removed from future draws (but not the losing 5 finalists)

OK 9:45 sunday morning here are the final 8 for this weeks draw

Fabian Diering

Brad Sanders

Dan Parsons

Paul Wright

Chris Hall

Robert Grant

Quinton Dalton

Joseph Pianta

come join us here

the final three wil be drawn at 12 midday good luck and remember you are still in the draw next time if you dont win this time







PRIZE DRAW 17/05/2020

hi all so the final eight are listed below and now remember any of the eights over the weeks that dont get a prize go into one last draw at the end for a KS

jason ludec

brian stubbs

radar walker

stewart turner

kate robson

paul baldock

martin brownlow

bob bate

and this weeks winners are

FIRST PLACE Stewart Turner gets a KS of his choice well done lucky boy 🙂 ,

SECOND any building file from the webshop Jason Ludec

THIRD PLACE any vehicle file from the webshop is kate robson……………

these runner up prizes you can claim those whenever you like so hold on to them if you are waiting for something like the church that will be listed soon congratulations to all the winners

PRIZE DRAW W/E 24/05/2020

gosh the draw came around quickly this week so lets see who the 8 finalists are shall we

Kevin Rolko

Paul Buss

Christopher Mason

Rik Naker

Stephen Jalufka

Geoff Skellams

Graham Woodford

Gaz Brierley

and the winners are

1st place went to Graham Woodford 

2nd place Chritopher Mason

3rd place went to Stephen Jalufka

PRIZE DRAW 31/05/2020

the eight finalists are

Jan Mels

Stephen Jew

Radar Walker

Cristian Malo Fernandez

John Paul Imigo

Matt Slucas

Joe Urbaniak

Robert Grant

and this weeks lucky winners are







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