WOW KS Operation World In Ruins


check out the link below and scroll to the Kickstarter that you choose and you can browse to see what is included, you get everything you see so amazing value

This KS was aimed at bulking out your tables with a wide range of buildings and accessories to enhance your gaming, the title is always a rough idea of the theme of the buildings in the set

when you purchase you will be given the link to the google drive where the files are stored, this is always open and you are not limited to downloads as it is also where any updated files are placed so you are always up to date with fully working files that have been checked and printed


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3D printable STL files   here is a link to see what is included   The base scale is 28mm with reduction down to 15mm recommended (75% for 20mm, 54% for 15mm)   Printing below these scales is possible but a resin printer is recommended for these tiny scales, detail cannot be guaranteed at this level. All buildings come with separate roofs, larger buildings have separate floor cuts too.   The folder contains the full building pre-cut for those that can and want to cut to suit their own printer beds. Any cut parts are cut to suit 200 x 200 printer beds.   Resale of the STL file is forbidden, unlimited print licences are available either through the site or on request.   If you have any questions no matter how simple just ask even a simple question can be complicated if you don’t know the answer so just ask away.